Physics Student Capstone Presentations

Organization: PHYLecture will take place in Masters Hall 110, Mara Auditorium

The Grism Group

Laura Fodale, Daniel Greenblatt, Sidharthan Madhavan, Jose Mendez, Michael Preston

Gettysburg College, '19

“Designing and Constructing a Compact Grism Spectrometer”

The Gettysburg College Observatory is home to a powerful research telescope, but it lacks a proper spectrometer. Spectroscopy is an incredibly important part of astrophysics research and can give all manner of useful information about an observed object. With this in mind our group decided to build our own spectrometer following the example of Dominic Ludovici and Robert Mutel who designed a compact spectrometer for use in small optical telescopes. The spectrometer consists of a 3D printed housing with a collimating lens in front, a dispersion grating with a 10 wedge prism on either side to keep the resultant light roughly along the optical axis, and a focusing lens at the rear that focuses the spectra onto the CCD of the telescope’s camera. We chose this design because it uses stock optical parts for the spectrometer and we can design and fabricate the housing for the optics using on-campus resources, which makes this a compact, affordable alternative to a traditional spectrometer.

Friday, December 7, 2018 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Masters Hall

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