BMB Speaker - Dr. Krystle McLaughlin

Biochemical Insights into Antibiotic Resistance Transfer

Dr. Krystle McLaughlin, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Vassar College, will discuss her research on antibiotic resistance transfer.

Multidrug-resistant bacterial strains are on the rise, posing a major threat to human health. Antibiotic resistance is frequently propagated through conjugative plasmid transfer (CPT). During CPT, an essential complex of proteins called the relaxosome facilitates transfer of the DNA plasmid encoding antibiotic resistance between bacterial cells. While the role of CPT in drug resistance is clear, the basic mechanism of conjugation remains to be elucidated. This talk will discuss our work focused on the structural and functional characterization of several essential conjugative proteins.

This event is sponsored by the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) Program, the Chemistry Department, the Biology Department and EPACC.

Zoom Information:

Meeting ID: 959 9452 1957

Passcode: 759335?

Tuesday, February 23 at 4:00pm to 5:00pm


Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department, Chemistry Department
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